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Canadian Wage Structure Changes
This paper discuses the effects of technological change and computerization on the wage structure in Canada.
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This paper explains that, even if Canada is not at all a world leader in terms of rewarding its IT workforce, IT workers have seen their wages rise sharply compared to the wages of other Canadians. The author points out that computerization and technological advancement have made many jobs obsolete and many workers redundant. The paper relates that the rise of computerization and the concomitant rise in new communication, conceptualization and manufacturing technologies paint a bleak picture for workers who are not facile with the latest software or tools. The author concludes that technological change in Canada has deepened the cleavages between various groups and that the country is rushing towards a serious crisis if something cannot be done to better facilitate the entry of millions of Canadians into the twenty-first century economy.

From the Paper:

"Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing businesses in Canada have become more prevalent in recent decades. In fact, a study conducted in the late 1980s underscores just how daunting the job prospects were even then for workers who lacked the requisite training in computer technology. To wit, "CAD/CAM" firms by even the middle 1980s were profoundly re-shaping their organizational structure and functions because of new computer technology; in a similar vein, expenditures in the area of technological innovation were being pushed even then as a means of eliminating costly and "superfluous" workers."

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