Brown v. Board of Education Cause and Effect Essay by AmbishuzBeauty

Brown v. Board of Education
A comprehensive look at the consequences of the Brown v. Board of Education (1954) lawsuit.
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The paper discusses in detail the Brown v. Board of Education lawsuit that ended segregation in American schools. The paper shows how this case may have been the most important political, social and legal event in America's twentieth century history. The paper paints a picture of how the Brown v. Board of Education case resulted in a more egalitarian America.

From the Paper:

"America is a place filled with many different people, belonging to many different cultures. Although everyone is supposedly created equal, this does not always hold true. This has been a constant problem throughout American history. Segregation makes this fact even more obvious. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas sought to rectify this incongruence. Segregation is defined as an intentional setting apart of students by enrolling them in isolated public schools solely on the basis of race; or the socially-patterned separation of people, with or without explicit sanction (Orfield &Eaton, 1996). Brown v. Board of Education outlawed all forms of government-imposed segregation (Burns, 2002). The success of Brown removed a legal barrier to equitable educational opportunities for all American citizens. Brown v. Board of Education is one the signal legal events of our time (Jost, 2004)."

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