Binge Drinking Cause and Effect Essay

Binge Drinking
A discussion of binge drinking among young adults.
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The paper looks at the causes of binge drinking and why teenagers find acceptable excuses to consume alcoholic drinks. The paper then highlights the effects of their continuous drinking, that include alcoholism, impaired judgment, decline of mental and physical health and alcohol poisoning.

From the Paper:

"Binge drinking is the consumption of several alcoholic beverages in a short period of time. For men, it would be five or more drinks in a row, or four or more in a row for women. Binge drinking has terrible effects, but the problem also lies within the causes of it. Over the past decade, binge drinking has become an intriguing aspect of college life that many college students across the country partake in. There are several different reasons why binge drinking is so popular, especially amongst young adults in college."

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