Baroque: The Age of Awakened Senses Cause and Effect Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Baroque: The Age of Awakened Senses
A look at the age of the Baroque and how it was primarily aimed towards the fulfillment of the masses.
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The paper examines the age of the Baroque and explains how with the coming of this era society no longer focused on pompous pageantry and academic achievement, but instead geared itself towards the uneducated masses with the appeal of the senses. The paper describes how this led to changes in styles of music as well as to changes in the content, style and themes of literature, art, and architecture.

From the Paper:

"A study on this era showed that before the age of the Baroque came about in the 1600's discriminating classes of people reigned freely in Europe. This is the High Renaissance Period which showed much importance to the pageantry and fulfillment of courtiers and nobilities. The very cycle on which the society stood on then began to rebel against this certain kind of social quo and began to change the way of the times, thus giving birth to the age of the Baroque. As Robert Sherrane of the Juilliard School said, the very first emanations of the age's birth is the elevation of musicians from the status of common court entertainers to bona fide artists (Music History 102 Such a musical revolution then led to the liberation of other budding artists and philosophers which were confined within certain aristocratic limitations in the preceding century."

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