Advertising and Women in the Workforce, WWII Cause and Effect Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Advertising and Women in the Workforce, WWII
An exploration of the effects of World War II advertising on encouraging women to enter the workforce, specifically, in California.
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The paper focuses on the extensive ad campaign that was launched to attract women into the workforce for the first time in American history. The paper closely examines several advertisements and shows how they were designed to make working seem patriotic and essential to the United States winning the war. The paper then discusses how the groundwork had, as a result, now been laid for the postwar employment of women not only in the aircraft industry, but in labor positions of all calibers. The paper further discusses how since women had proven their value to the people, they were ready to fight to keep their position in the paid workforce, and in this way, they changed the face of American business and society.

From the Paper:

"Throughout American history, advertising has played an influential role in the shaping of our culture and society. Never has this been more apparent than during World War II when an enormous ad campaign was launched to attract women into the workforce for the first time in American history. In 1940, President Roosevelt announced an emergency plan to turn out at least 50,000 planes a year. As millions of American men were leaving to fight overseas, the government began to realize that it would be necessary to find replacements for all of their jobs at home in the U.S. Taking notice of the availability of women on the home front, an extensive advertising campaign was developed to urge women into filling the voids left in the labor market."

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