Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Movement Cause and Effect Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Movement
An explanation of Hitler's rise to power.
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Published on May 21, 2010 in History (European - 20th Century)

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This paper sets out to explain the reasons that Adolf Hitler's party was able to gain the support he did when it was known exactly what it stood for. It provides a historical background of Germany and how the lack of economic and political stability led the country to vote for Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party (NSDAP).

Sources of NSDAP Voting Strength
Final Thought

From the Paper:

"Accounting for the monumental rise in popular electoral support between 1928 and 1933 for Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party (NSDAP) remains a matter of historical debate. The numbers, of course, are a matter of record. And recent precinct-level analyses have identified specific groups from which Nazi candidates garnered significantly increased support during that five year period. In the May 1928 Reichstag elections, the NSDAP polled a very modest 2.6 percent of the vote, leaving it no more than a splinter party. Yet only a little more than four years later (July 1932) the NSDAP polled 13.7 million votes, or 37.3 percent of the electorate, making it by far the largest party in the Reichstag."

Sample of Sources Used:

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