A Dynamic Personality: Nature or Nurture? Cause and Effect Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

A Dynamic Personality: Nature or Nurture?
A look at the research on the effect of genetics and environment on personality.
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Published on Jun 03, 2010 in Psychology (Behaviorism) , Biology (Genetics) , Psychology (Theory)

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The paper examines studies of identical twins that research the effect of the genetic inheritance and the environment. The paper looks at how traditional psychologists have claimed that genetics is really the only effect on behavior while modern researchers show an obvious correlation between shared family environment and traits. The paper also looks at research studies that have illustrated the clear integration between the two concepts. In conclusion, the paper asserts that while genetic makeup may have much to do with one's specific personality traits, environmental factors, such as shared family settings and socio-economic conditions, is also a major effect in that respect.

From the Paper:

"Personality is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting areas within the vast field of psychology. It involves the study of individual characteristics of thought patterns, emotion, and behavior, and further focuses on differences among individuals in society. As with many sub fields in the discipline of psychological studies, personality is not limited to just one basic approach, rather it deals with a wide range of different approaches such as the biological, psychoanalytical, phenomenological, and behavioral approaches (Funder, 2004). In essence, all of these areas of study compose an individual's personality in the greater social context. A specific area, one I am personally interested in, is that of behavioral genetics, which entails the various effects of genes on broad patterns of behavior, and thus personality, as opposed to the variation of environmental influences (Funder, Ozer, 2004)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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