Tetrahymena Case Study by Peter Pen

A review of the effects of different concentrations of aspirin on Tetrahymena feeding behavior.
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Published on Nov 18, 2008 in Biology (Molecular and Cell) , Chemistry (General)

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The paper states that Tetrahymena are model organisms that are commonly used to study their feeding behavior over various environments and preys. They are common holotrichic ciliates easily grown in the laboratory, using pure liquid cultures. They acquire their nutrients by ingesting smaller microbes such as bacteria and fungi. The paper comments on the tests performed on Tetrahymena phagocytosis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the presence of different concentrations of aspirin. The paper records that after treatment, the cells were analyzed by flow cytometer via computer program, ColorCell software, when percent phagocytosis were identified. It was originally thought that aspirin would decrease the phagocytotic ability of Tetrahymena; however, the data concluded that aspirin does not alter this ability over a period of 4 minutes. The paper states that further analysis is necessary with longer treatment period and using various other drugs.

Materials and Methods

From the Paper:

"Utilizing such power technology, we are now able to study the feeding behavior of our model organism, Tetrahymena sp., using FITC-labeled yeast and determine if the prey has been phagocytized. We will label Saccharomyces cerevisiae with FITC dye and detect the ingestion under different environments. So we would like to explore the following questions: How long does it take for Tetrahymena to ingest food? And, do different concentrations of aspirin affect Tetrahymena feeding behavior? "

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