Teenage Alcoholism Case Study Case Study by Nicky

Teenage Alcoholism Case Study
Looks at the risk factors of developing alcoholism in a case study of Glenn, a 17-year-old high school senior.
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This paper explains that Glenn uses alcohol to reduce significantly his frequent bouts of depression and his anger and anxiety about his parent's divorce. Next, the paper stresses that any cognitive awareness that his drinking is becoming a problem for him is outweighed by the extent to which members of Glen's peer group behave similarly. The paper identifies his risk factors of becoming an alcoholic as being the highly social context of his peer group drinking, the not having experienced any significantly negative consequences to his consumption, his home environment including his mother's own battle with alcoholism and his genetic predisposition.

Table of Contents:
Behavioral Description of the Patient
Risk Factors in the Development of Alcoholism

From the Paper:

"In addition, the fact that Glenn's mother is simultaneously engaged in her own battle with alcoholism in which she is intent on hiding her own pattern of consumption (even from Glenn) presents another risk factor because it prevents her from confronting Glenn over the obvious disappearance of alcohol from her household supply. Despite the fact that Glenn's mother has noticed the increasing rate that her alcohol supplies in the home have been consumed recently, she has not yet confronted Glenn about the issue because of her concerns over bringing attention to her own possible problem."

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