Process Recordings for a Social Work Intern Case Study

Process Recordings for a Social Work Intern
A process recording for a group therapy session at a behavioral health hospital.
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Published on Sep 21, 2014 in Sociology (Social Work) , Psychology (Alcohol and Drugs)

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From the Paper:

"The overall consensus with the clients at the beginning of the session was one of indifference and/or aggravation from having to attend. The session took place 45 minutes after the clients ate lunch which potentially caused each clients' affect to be flat and lethargic. Emily came to the group after being awoken by the social worker that was providing the therapy session. The SW stated the client was irritable upon initially being woken. Emily entered the session complaining about the cool temperature and left to retrieve a blanket. She returned and later offered to share her blanket with her roommate. Pam entered the room appearing nervous, as this was her first group session led by a staff member. She too was woken from a nap. Nita entered the session assisted by a walker and the therapist was carrying her lunch tray. Nita was appeared to be indifferent about attending the session; her focused was eating. Rick's affect upon entering the calm. He sat in the same seat as he did in a previous session I observed. Sam's affect upon entering was cheerful but I suspect it was not genuine. He later became restless and seemingly uninterested however he did participate sparingly during the session. Wanda entered the session late and did not explain her tardiness. She appeared disheveled and lethargic. Betty was prompt to group however she was lethargic and kept her eyes closed for the bulk of the session. She only offered one or two words of interaction with the group. She appeared indifferent but compliant and was not disruptive. The room had good natural light which allowed for an "upbeat" atmosphere once the clients began to participate in the discussion. The seating was intimate but the spacing did not appear uncomfortable for the clients."

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