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A case study presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of a specific diet and exercise routine.
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This case study presents a meal and exercise routine based on the recommended amounts of food per group by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of adherence to this diet. The paper then discusses the changes noted after adherence to the diet. The paper also looks at the difficulties encountered with keeping to the exercise routine.

From the Paper:

"There were a few difficulties encountered, however. Since the pre-sent menu consisted of dishes that needed to be prepared, coupled with time constraints on some days, there was the temptation to resort to prepared meals. This was encountered on more than one occasion. Another was the setting aside of time for physical activities. While 30 minutes was relatively little time demanded from a typical day, implementing it during days with a tight schedule resulted in skipping the routine or truncating time for it. Finally, there was a slight increase in expenditures related to the ingredients needed to make the dishes in the menu. Among the more expensive additions were fish, fruits and vegetables. Although the increase in expenditures did not seem significantly large for the week, one may infer that a long-term diet plan can be personally more expensive."

Sample of Sources Used:

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