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Narrative Therapy: A Case Study
A discussion of narrative therapy and its application as a treatment strategy for anorexia.
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The paper discusses narrative therapy, which is considered a post-modern therapy and mental health treatment that seeks to gain the cooperation and insight of the patient himself. The paper applies narrative therapy to an anorexic patient to illustrate how this therapy can be utilized in the patient's recovery.

Narrative Therapy Overview
Narrative Perspectives
Narrative Concerns
Narrative Therapy in the Future
Narrative Therapy in Application

From the Paper:

"Narrative therapy can be considered a post-modern therapy and mental health treatment that seeks to gain the cooperation and insight of the patient him or herself. It consists of the integration of individuals' expressions of their unique experiences in life, an account of the individuals' interpretive processes about those experiences, and in relating these unique experience sets to both the culture background of the individual and the treatment plan (Bull, Dettinger, Detwiler, Petersen & Propst, 2005, paras.1-12). It is the counselor's or therapist's duty to reconcile these experiences and, most importantly, the individual's interpretive perception of them, with the particular mental affectation that is manifesting itself."

Sample of Sources Used:

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