Factors Affecting the Marketing Strategies of Waterstones Inc. Case Study

Factors Affecting the Marketing Strategies of Waterstones Inc.
An assessment of factors to be taken into account by the British company Waterstones in setting up marketing strategies.
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Published on Oct 21, 2010 in Business (Companies) , Business (Marketing)

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This paper reviews the factors affecting the marketing strategies of a book company called Waterstones. It looks at the environmental factors affecting the marketing strategies of the company before discussing market segmentation and segmentation methods, buyer decision making and marketing mix. The paper also focuses on the various problems facing Waterstones and its marketing strategies

Background information
Environmental factors
Market segmentation and segmentation methods
Buyer decision making
Marketing Mix
Problems facing Waterstones

From the Paper:

''There are environmental factors that are affecting the marketing of Waterstone books. These factors are either macro environmental factors or micro environmental factors. They affect the marketing of the books in both negative and positive ways. These factors can be looked into by conducting a PEST analysis of this company. PEST analysis looks at the Political Economic Social and Technological environment within which a company is operating (NetMBA, 2009, pg 3). Starting with the political environment, it is imperative to note that the United Kingdom is a liberal country where people enjoy their rights to the fullest. This means that there is freedom of speech, movement, expression and association in the country. One of the political freedoms that can affect the marketing of Waterstone books is the freedom of expression. This is because where there is freedom of expression, people are more likely to express themselves in various ways without fear and one of this ways is writing. In a country where the levels of censorship are low and the freedom of the press is very high, booksellers find it easy operating in such an environment because there is a wide variety of literature that people are yearning to buy. The low censorship levels and the high levels of the freedom of press is one of the political factors that have had positive effects on the marketing strategies of Waterstone. This is because there is a huge supply of literature and the demand for the books is high especially because there are wide variety of areas that writers are tackling without fear. The second political factor that has had an effect on the marketing strategies of Waterstone books is the regulations by the government (Lorenzo, 2006; pg 78). The cost of operation by booksellers in the United Kingdom is very high and this has affected the marketing ability of the Waterstone. This is because, these costs, that have been driven up by government regulations and high taxations, force the price of the books to climb up to levels which a good percentage of the people in the Great Britain cannot afford. When the price of a product is above the spending power of a good percentage of the people in the country, the demand for that product goes down and this creates a negative effect on the marketing strategies of a company (Lusch, 1987; pg 23). This is the same scenario that Waterstone is facing in the United Kingdom due to the costly government regulations.''

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