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A case study of a disenchanted young person who can benefit from existential-humanistic psychology.
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The paper reviews a case where Sam, a talented young person, is unable to find meaning in his life, lacks commitment to any long-term goals and is worried about what direction he is headed in. The paper outlines existential-humanistic theories and proceeds to offer some techniques and tactics which might serve as an intervention. The paper shows how Sam's problems are best dealt with through specific existential analysis that employs Socratic dialogue and dereflexion.

From the Paper:

"The case of Sam Salvo is indeed an interesting one. By his own admission, Sam does not know what to do with his life. He is an honor student but is struggling to find a major and his career direction is, for all intents and purposes, "up in the air". He has rejected the religious tenets of his mother, fights with her regularly, and believes he has no standards with which to make his decisions in life. As well, Sam seems somewhat dilettantish inasmuch as he dabbles in Eastern philosophy without committing himself to it. Clearly, this is a young man who is deeply troubled by a sort of nihilism and who is also directionless."

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