Environmental Management - Vodafone Case Study

Environmental Management - Vodafone
A description of corporate environmental sustainability management using Vodafone Group as a case study.
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The piece examines the impact corporations have on local environments and various laws that have been established to promote regulation and protection of the environment. Using the case study of Vodafone, a large telecommunications corporation, it examines how the company changed its policies and developed new policies to regulate carbon emissions, energy use, managing waste, and much more. It concludes that Vodafone has made much effort to curb its impact and that it sets an example form most multinational corporations.

Vodafone Group plc
Analysis of Vodafone's Environmental Policy
Implementation of the Environmental Policies
Going Greener
Carbon and Energy
Network Efficiency
Managing Waste
Data Center Efficiency
Business Travel
Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Products and Services

From the Paper:

"Recently, the Fortune Magazine published a list of the most admired companies due to their high level of accountability and responsibility. Among those companies was a British mobile telecommunication giant known as Vodafone Group plc. This paper will focus on the efforts that Vodafone has made to conserve the environment and its future environmental sustainability strategies. The paper will first analyse the Vodafone's environmental policy before looking at its principles of environmental management.
Vodafone Group plc
Vodafone plc is a multinational telecommunications company. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and operates in more than 30 countries. It also has partner networks in more than 35 other countries. It is the largest mobile communication in the world in terms of annual revenue and second in terms of subscriber base (Shah, 2010). It is the fourth largest company on the London stock exchange and has a secondary listing in the New York NASDAQ. It is also in the top ten lists of Fortune Magazine's most accountable companies. Vodafone is not only a leader in the Telecommunications and ICT sector, but also leads in corporate environmental sustainability. In the last five years, Vodafone has emerged as the number one sustainability leader among the top global brands. This ranking indicates that Vodafone is very keen on environmental performance especially in the electronic waste management and supply chain (Norton, 2008). Vodafone has been developing products and services aimed at reducing the impact of global warming. The company has also indentified business opportunities that help other sectors to minimize their carbon footprint."

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