Electronic Communications Ltd. (ECL) in China Case Study by Nicky

Electronic Communications Ltd. (ECL) in China
Analysis of the process and challenges of establishing an Electronic Communications Ltd. (ECL) company in China.
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This paper offers an analysis of the decision to make China the new home for Electronic Communications Ltd. (ECL), focusing on the advantages, the most important of which is the vast dimension of the market, as well as the challenges represented by the cultural differences, which would surely have an impact upon the management process. The paper explains that the company had to decide whether to adapt the traditional management practices employed by the company to the local Chinese culture or do just the opposite and try to impose its global policies; the areas of corporate culture, cross cultural relations, organizational behavior, human resources management and organizational behavior had to be considered. In conclusion, the paper suggests measures that would help the Chinese employees to translate their values in a manner that allow the company to preserve its identity after having enriched itself with elements from the local culture.

Table of Contents:
Problem Identification
General Description
The Problems and Their Symptoms (Description, Analysis)
The Relation Between the Problems
The Causes of the Problems
Problem Solving
The Best Solutions To Solve the Problems
Expected Outcomes

From the Paper:

"People coming to work with the ECL company are motivated by the desire to have a good job. This job should not only pay well, but also make sure that there is an emotional satisfaction offered to the employees. This is usually achieved through a feeling of belongingness and other various stimuli for personal development and recognition of achieved success. Theories in the field of organizational culture have demonstrated that people manifest a resistance to change even if they are not aware of it. So what the company needs to do when starting its socialization / education process of the employees is not tell them "forget who you are, this is how you need to be", but "This is who we are, this is where we need to get to, tell me who you are so we can decide what is the manner in which we can both get what we want.""

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