Education Case Study: Transition Case Study by cee-cee

Education Case Study: Transition
Analyzes the case study of "Frank", who is experiencing transitional problems of not only the beginning of middle school but also of moving from an urban setting to a rather austere social environment in a rural area.
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This paper uses Bronfenbrenner's theories regarding the interplay between the environment and the individual to understand the transitional problems challenging Frank, the middle school student in this case, who also has moved to a rural area. The author points out that the challenges Frank faces are associated with his perception of disconnect between himself and his peers and with his new public school as opposed to his more challenging private school, which he previously attended. The paper suggests that Erick Erickson would assess Frank as beginning stage 5 "Identity vs. Role Confusion" as this student negotiates his needs and desires to be independent and individual while perceiving those around him as wholly unlike him and unable to understand his interests.

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