Classical Theory of Public Administration: A Case Study Case Study by Kien

Classical Theory of Public Administration: A Case Study
A case study of the challenges faced by women who hold managerial positions in predominantly patriarchal organizations.
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This paper explores the challenges faced by women who hold managerial positions in predominantly patriarchal organizations using the concepts and principles of the classical theory of management. The paper describes the specific case under discussion and shows how the adoption of the variables, principles and concepts of public administration advanced by the classical theory would be appropriate for addressing the situation in the firm. The paper concludes by identifying the lessons that can be learned form this case and that are applicable in other organizations and situations.

A Summary of the Pertinent Facts of the Case
Appraisal of the Situation
Assessment of Plausible Alternative Strategies
Justification of Choices
Analysis of generalizations

From the Paper:

"This case study about women in management has been conducted on a medium sized semi government organization which is charged with execution of such roles as provision of social services. The organization offers training to the young people on international management issues to equip them with skills necessary for effective management of both private and public spheres. It also offers financial assistance to deserving groups especially to the needy in the society.
"In terms of human resources endowment, the organization has a total of 180 employees comprising of escorts, the management and other subordinate workers in the organization. The organization has a complex functional structure constituting of six administrative levels from the organization president to the subordinate administrative staff. The complexity of the functional structure in the firm renders the process of decision making difficult and challenging. Similarly, communication through different functional levels is rendered ineffective as the channel tend to be long form the top down.
"Besides administrative issues the organization also experiences other significant challenges that impede execution of organization functions. The process of human resource attraction and recruitment within the firm is not clear which results in nepotism involving those high in the management."

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