Case Study: Student Personality Case Study by Jay Writtings LLC

Case Study: Student Personality
A case study of a nineteen year old female college student's personality, attitudes and behaviors.
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Published on Jan 17, 2010 in Psychology (Freud) , Psychology (Theory) , Psychology (Case Studies)

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The paper applies the perspectives of three major theorists to Jeannie, a college student, regarding her personality, attitudes and behaviors. The paper looks at Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, including Freud's beliefs, and also discusses B. F. Skinner's theory of operant conditioning and Julian Rotter's social learning theory. The paper briefly explains the five basic dimensions of personality referred to as the "Big Five" and how they describe Jeannie's personality traits.

Abraham Maslow
B. F. Skinner
Julian Rotter

From the Paper:

"Jeannie is nineteen years old and currently enrolled in college as a Journalism Major, but she is confused as to what her future holds for her and what her options are regarding her career. She is generally described as fun to be around by her large group of friends, but often irresponsible and impulsive. Academics are not her strong point; procrastination and excuses are typically involved when it comes to assignments and her failure to complete them. Jeannie smokes heavily and her roommate says that she is incredibly messy. It appears that she has low self-esteem as she is always making negative comments about her own looks and capabilities."

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