A Look at Borderline Personality Disorder Case Study by Nicky

A case study of a forty year old male with borderline personality disorder.
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Published on Jan 16, 2012 in Psychology (Disorders) , Psychology (Case Studies)

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The paper outlines borderline personality disorder and its definition and provides an overview of the case study subject. The paper explores how the various dimensions of borderline personality disorder manifest themselves in the subject. The paper looks at how the subject's behavior coincided with the DSM-IV and then suggests the most appropriate and sustainable method of treatment for him.

Overview and Definition
Client Overview
Diagnostic Criteria
A Collaborative and Comprehensive Action Plan to Assist the Client

From the Paper:

"Mr A is a forty year old man who is also a single father of one child. He is intelligent and has two degrees, one of which is a Master's degree in literature. He holds a professional job but has had to accept transfers to other areas because of consistently poor working relationships with others. The counsellor who interviewed this patient over a number of sessions immediately noticed extreme mood changes and intense depression, as well as sensitivity about self-image. These are central aspects that relate strongly to the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.
"However, the most intense and convincing aspect of the interviews with Mr. A were the discussions that focused on his early childhood and developmental years. Mr. A revealed that his father had deserted the family when he was seven years of age. The father however remained married to the client's mother for a long period of time, which added to the young boy's sense of confusion and increased his emotional instability in the early developmental years. This was later to manifest itself in the lack of positive self-image and in the negative way that Mr. A related to others.
"The poor home situation for Mr. A was further exacerbated by the mother's second marriage when he was ten years of age to a man who was cruel and abusive to the boy. Mr. A also described an event during this period when he called on his real father to fetch him after he had been physically abused by his stepfather. Mr. A's real father promised to visit the child but broke his promise and did not arrive. This affected Mr. A deeply."

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