Project Management: "Chemical Highway" Business Plan by Ruchi

Project Management: "Chemical Highway"
This paper is a complete course project for a Project Management class; the fictitious company is called "Chemical Highway", which sells polymers.
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Published on Sep 15, 2005 in Business (Small) , Business (Management) , Business (Business Plans)

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This paper explains that the goal of the project is to shift the focus from selling products only to raw material manufacturers to selling products directly to the end-users. The author points out that customer review and beta testing are very important for the success of the project because knowing customers' feelings about the company and its product will help the company establish a brand name. The paper relates that quantitative measures will be used to ensure that the project is completed on time and on schedule and will serve as the performance measurement system. Charts. Illustrations.

Table of Contents
Scope Statement
Goal Definition
Project Objective
Technical Requirements
Limits and Exclusions
Customer Review
Reporting Structure of Team Members
High-Level Gantt Chart View
Risk Identification
Risk Analysis
Scope Definition
Legal Issues
Contract Conflicts
Lack of Infrastructure Availability
Vendor Delays/Problems
Equipment Installation
OSHA Findings
Loss Time Injury
Delays in Certification
Testing Problems
Beta Testing
Power Breakouts
Weather Problems
Risk Assessment
Risk Response
Contingency Plan
Vendor Delay/Problems
Loss Time Injury Contingency Plan
Risk Assessment Matrix
Communication Plan
Method for Updating the Communication Plan
Existing Systems
Escalation Process
Performance Measurement and Control Approach
Audit Process and Timetable
Impromptu Audits
Deliverable Audits
Individual Team Audits
Final Audit
Conclusion / Recommendation

From the Paper:

"Goal Definition: Currently our company holds the patent and all the legal rights to sell certain kind of polymers that are used through out the world by construction companies and other building development projects. The problem that we are facing is that our company sells these products to bigger manufacturers that only dilutes our products and sells it the end customer at higher margins. Plus being a big brand they are able to sell it at those prices and get good price quotes from us. Goal of the Redwood project is to manufacture the diluted product that is thoroughly tested and readily accepted by the end-user. The idea is to fully utilize the patents and technology that Chemical Highway already processes."

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