IM=X Pilates Studio Franchise Business Plan Business Plan by ABCs

IM=X Pilates Studio Franchise Business Plan
The paper is a business plan for the establishment of a franchise operation for an established Pilates studio.
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The IM=X Pilates Studio have been involved in the Pilates, fitness, yoga, and back care industry for over ten years, and is now offering franchises. The writer of this business plan presents the franchise's mission-oriented goal and explains how the business goals of the franchise will include encouraging a respect and excitement about fitness in the neighborhood in order to increase the number of individuals who acknowledge the importance of regular workouts in a comfortable environment, and therefore, a gym membership.

Goal of the Business
Goods and Services Provided
Target Customers
Location of Services
Business Organization
Business Organization Operation

From the Paper:

"The largest domestic issue for any business is usually legal liability. In the business world, customers, employees, and other corporations can sue each other freely for what they believe is a mismanagement of funds or other legal mistake on the business' end. For instance, a business could borrow $100,000 from a bank in order to do building renovations, and the business goes bankrupt, a former employee could sue a business for wrongful firing, a customer could sue a Pilates instructor for pressuring her to perform sexually, and another business with which studio does business daily, like a courier service, could claim that it has not received payment. Both sole proprietorships and general partnerships deal with these issues solely through liability insurance. Even if only one owner makes a mistake, the entire business entity, which is the same as the persons who own it, can be held responsible. For a corporation and LLC, however, this is not true. While some personal liability still exists, only the person who actually committed the wrong can be held legally liable, and courts or victims cannot pursue the other owners' personal assets."

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