Global Communications Business Plan by Peter Pen

Global Communications
A description of the strategy that Global Communications must implement in order to become a global and industry leader.
# 111596 | 4,000 words | 9 sources | APA | 2009

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The paper discusses the problem that Global Communications (GC), a telecommunications company, has had of late. The paper notes that with many more competitors entering the marketplace and profits dwindling, it has become necessary for the leadership at GC to come up with a strategy to take the company global and become an industry leader, but senior management's recent actions have created hostilities among many of the stakeholder groups. This paper describes the events that have taken place thus far, gives a clear understanding of who the stakeholders are, and discusses what opportunities exist for GC. The company will have to implement some new strategies if they are to realize their goals. This paper explores those strategies and build on them, identifies risks, and internal and external pressures, and ultimately lays out an optimal solution for GC to implement. The paper is illustrated with tables.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity
Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
Problem Statement
End-State Vision
Alternative Solutions
Primary Alternative Solutions
Secondary Alternative Solutions
Analysis of Alternative Solutions
Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques
Continuing with the Outsourcing Plan
Abandoning the Outsourcing Plan
Optimal Solution
Moral-Building Programs
The Employee-customer-profit Chain Model
Including Stakeholders in the Decision-Making Process
Building Effective Communication
Implementation Plan
Evaluation of Results

From the Paper:

"There are five main groups of stakeholders in the GC scenario. The stockholders are a group of people that are concerned about the past three years of stock depreciation. Stockholders demand that GC take action that will ensure the growth of the company so the stock will appreciate. The management team at GC also wants to take steps to ensure the viability and growth of the company, but they must also be mindful of employee relations and the political dealings with the labor union".

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