Engelhard Chemicals and Change Business Plan by Nicky

This paper discusses a change management plan for Engelhard Chemicals.
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In this article the writer discusses a change management plan for Engelhard Chemicals which will support the adoption of entirely new business processes necessary for its new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The writer first looks at why processes need to change and then discusses that it is critical for the Engelhard Chemicals employees involved in the ERP system to concentrate on how to provide those most affected by the process changes, the opportunity to gain greater control over their jobs and as a result, higher levels of ownership as well. The writer maintains that the core of a successful change management plan is addressing the many aspects of how resistance to change can be overcome through the use of techniques based on solid theories and practice. The writer concludes that the catalyst of all lasting change is the continual reinforcing and support of any change management initiative, no matter how trivial or drastic, from the senior management team of Engelhard Chemicals.

Executive Summary
Assessing the Engelhard Chemicals Culture's Ability to Change
Business Process Re-engineering and Change Management Planning
Making Change Permanent at Engelhard Chemicals
Engelhard Chemicals Change Management Contingency Strategies

From the Paper:

" There are very significant process- and system-related changes down to the task level that need to occur within Engelhard Chemicals for the ERP system to be a success. The CEOs' two major concerns of the ERP system being used as intended, specifically focusing on the 300 people whose jobs will change and second the resistance to change on the part of manufacturing workers need to be addressed at the cultural level of the company first. The Engelhard Chemicals' culture needs to be taken into account, specifically in terms of its expectations, norms, values and assumptions first. Strategies for dealing with cultural change are the most fundamental to making any change management strategy successful, as corporate cultures are often the most difficult to change. Changing the Engelhard Chemicals culture therefore needs to be incremental, not total in approach. As Dr, Galpin (1996), a leading expert in organizational culture change management strategies suggests, the best approach for influencing specific aspects of a culture need to be on an exception versus all-inclusive basis."

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