E-Commerce Plan for Paisley Patterns Business Plan by Nicky

E-Commerce Plan for Paisley Patterns
Presents a business plan, particularly in the area of e-commerce, for the Paisley Patterns company.
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This paper features an e-commerce plan for the Paisley Patterns company, and intends to analyze and evaluate the decision by Paisley Patterns to expand their sales channels onto the Internet. The paper suggests that the adoption of an e-commerce initiative within any organization first necessitates fundamental changes in their core business processes, and second, a significant change in the types of systems used for support entirely new interactions and transactions with customers. The paper also addresses security concerns and possible vulnerabilities that companies may face while conducting business online, and concludes that the area of computer and Internet security is one of a continual ratcheting up on the side of government and software developers in response to accentuated and growing threats. This paper contains illustrative figures.

Defining an E-Commerce Strategy at Paisley Patterns
Online Ordering and Order Management
Positive and Negative Implications of A Web-Based Strategy
Security Considerations Taking the Paisley Patterns Website in-House
Vulnerability of Systems Defined and Explored
Analysis of Security Concerns for Paisley Patterns
Forms of Security
Solutions to Internet Security Challenges
Summary and Conclusions

From the Paper:

"The cost and integration advantages of taking their entire series of e-commerce application in-house present the daunting challenge of ensuring their security. The intent of this section of the analysis is to discuss this aspect of their strategy. As the Internet has now become a platform that enables electronic commerce, there has been an exponential rise in all forms of security breaches and theft of both data and funds over the Web that Paisley Patterns needs to be aware of and develop strategic responses for. There are six strategic pressures or concerns that are driving the need for Internet security today for them as a result. The first three are trends occurring in the external marketplace, and the remainder is originating from within organizations. These three dominant external trends impacting all organizations are first the quick and agile access to information of all kinds, including transaction data to support global trade; the continual leakage of customer and confidential data; and third, the incidences of financial and operational losses as a result of compromised confidential data and the resulting disruption of business operations. The remaining three strategic pressures on organizations include the heightened regulatory oversight and increasingly automated regulatory audits; the risks that are inherent in defining strategies for privileged access to information; and third, the risk by internally-driven security attacks and attacks from hackers outside the company but based on compromised information. These six specific strategic pressures combine to put many organizations and the individuals they serve at a higher level of risk than has been the case in the past. Clearly the needs for greater levels of attack deterrence are needed."

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