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Develops an implementation plan for risk management including contingency plans for
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This paper presents a risk management implementation plan, which identifies the objectives, functional tactics, action items, milestones and deadline, tasks and task ownership and resource allocation of this strategy, for to become a vendor of entertainment content rather than physical entertainment products. Next, the author points out the required organizational change management strategies that would enhance successfully this implementation, the key success factors for this implementation and the budget and forecasted financials including a break-even chart.
The paper relates that the plan for managing opportunity cost risk for Amazon is to monitor technological changes so that this new strategy of selling content remains consistent with the state of technology convergence in portable devices. An attractive cover for the paper is included.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
Functional Tactics
Action Items
Milestones and Deadlines
Tasks and Task Ownership
Resource Allocation
Organizational Changes
Key Success Factors, Budget, and Break Even Chart
Contingency Plans
Risk Management Plan

From the Paper:

"Tasks and Task Ownership:The Worldwide Digital Media Department will be responsible for developing sufficient electronic media while the Worldwide Strategy and Technology Department will be responsible for ensuring that content is deliverable through Amazon's EC2 platform. The Advertising and Partnerships Division of the Business Development Department will be responsible for marketing and forming distribution partnerships with third party vendors. Task ownership is a key component of motivating people, because it ensures accountability and makes certain team member responsible for completing work.
"Resource Allocation: The resources necessary for implementation involve a large front end commitment to digital data development and to the data delivery system based on the Amazon EC2 system. The resources required are an increase in personnel assigned to the departments responsible for implementation tasks and an increase in the amount of computing time available to support tasks. Additional marketing funding will be necessary to introduce the expanded scope of the new electronic services to the public.
Organizational Changes: Organizational change is a tremendously serious process which can be stressful for any employee let alone the management - individuals who are accountable for the achievement of the change being implemented. Implementing the strategic change will not require initial organizational changes because the firm has existing departments to support an expansion of electronic services such as downloads."

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