A Strategic Plan for ExxonMobil Business Plan by Nicky

A Strategic Plan for ExxonMobil
Presents an extensive overview of ExxonMobil's current and future business trends to develop a five-year strategic plan.
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This paper explains that the mission of ExxonMobil, the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, is to provide the energy needed to power everyday lives including developing affordable, high quality alternative sources of energy. Next, the author reviews literature about the oil industry and ExxonMobil, examines elements needed for the strategic plan including its organizational behavior, human resource issues, a SWOT analysis and makes recommendations for future directions. The paper suggests a future emphasis be directed towards a change management plan, expanding the exploration for new sources of power and an awareness that a decrease in demand for oil could affect ExxonMobil's profit margins.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
Literature Review
The Oil Industry
ExxonMobil Merger
Troubles for ExxonMobil
Strategic Plan
Company Background
Analysis and Methodology
Mission and Vision Statements
Quality and Management Initiatives
Organizational Behavior
Leadership and Management
Organizational Structure
Grouping and Teamwork
Organizational culture
Information Systems
HRM Issues
Resourcing and Legal Issues
Skills, Training and Development
Coaching and Mentoring
Performance and Motivation
SWOT Analysis
Future Directions
Change Management Plan
Organizational Development
Success Factors
Conclusions and Future Research

From the Paper:

"The company offers training and development in some areas of the business. This training and development is to assist new hires in understanding the policies and standards of the company. Development is for existing employees who need to learn new skills that are essential to their field of work. For instance, employees that work in information systems/technology have to frequently learn how to use new software and new devices. This is because of the quickness with which technology changes."

Sample of Sources Used:

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