"Trail of Tears" Book Review by writingsensation

"Trail of Tears"
A review of the book "Trail of Tears" depicting the eviction of Cherokee Indians from their homes.
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This paper discusses, in detail, the book entitled "Trail of Tears" and the events that it is based on. The book starts with a passage about the Cherokee Indians who trudged through the landscape of Georgia in the year 1838, during their travel from Georgia to Oklahoma. This was because they had, in fact been forced to vacate the homes that they had known for the past many years by the United States Government.

From the Paper:

"Thus it was that the more than 16,000 native Indian people who were removed from their territories in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina and sent on to Indian Territory, today known as Oklahoma, reached the state and settled there, amidst large scale loss of lives and with almost no resources. (Military, Trail of Tears) One Cherokee says that according to Cherokee myth, when there is a curve in the rod, then it means that there will be a barn at the next turn, where one can seek shelter. However, for the Cherokees on their trail of tears, this did not happen, and they were forced to keep on walking and walking, until they either died or they reached their destination, finally. (Ellis, 2001)"

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