"The Taming of the Shrew" Book Review by writingsensation

"The Taming of the Shrew"
This paper analyzes the protagonists in Shakespeare's play to show that Shakespeare has a keen understanding of human psychology.
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The paper studies Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" and considers the four characters involved. The paper comes to the conclusion that Shakespeare has a strong understanding of what motivates and determines human behavior. All the characters in the play are acting based on circumstances and they all adapt their behavior to suit the circumstances. This shows that Shakespeare has a keen understanding of human behavior and is able to create a play where the actions of the characters and their interactions are explained by human psychology.

From the Paper:

"The final character that shows Shakespeare's understanding of human psychology is Bianca. Bianca is the opposite to Kate because she is favored and loved by everyone. This creates the appearance that she is kind, agreeable, and everything that Kate is not. However, it is later revealed that this is not Bianca's true character. Instead, she just behaves this way to suit her own needs. Essentially, she behaves in a way that is consistent with what people want from her. This allows her to gain the love and trust of others, which gives her power and control. In the end though, it is revealed that she is not the loving, trusting wife that Kate is. Once married, Bianca ignores her husband's needs and does as she wishes. The most important point made by Bianca's character is that the real nature of people is not what is immediately seen. In making this point, Shakespeare is showing that people are not who they appear to be but can adapt how they appear to suit their own needs. This shows an awareness of human psychology because it means that Shakespeare is looking beyond just what people say and do and looking into the reasons for their behavior."

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