The Religion of the Bedouin Book Review by Primo

The Religion of the Bedouin
This paper looks at Islamic writer Abdarrahman Ibn Khaldun's work "The Muqaddima," or "Introduction to History" and expounds especially on his points of view on Bedouin lifestyle.
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This paper examines the writings of Khaldun, specifically why he considers Bedouin civilization more pure, although more harsh and animalistic than urban, sedentary life. Despite its harshness, this paper also examines why Ibn Khaldun considers the Bedouin lifestyle more essentially "Islamic" than sedentary, urban Islamic lifestyle

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"Like a modern historian as well, Khaldun also states quite blatantly what will be the main thesis of his text. However, unlike many modern historians he is also quite explicit in the moral project of his text. Khaldun states that in his view, what is closest to the primary structure of human needs takes precedence over the luxuries generated by more "developed" or "sedentary" civilizations. He states that there is a basic dichotomy that exists between people of the nomadic way of life and people of the sedentary way of life. This dichotomy is evidenced by the fact that nomadic people by virtue of their lifestyle can fulfill only their primary needs. Sedentary people, in contrast, can generate luxuries and enjoy leisure time because their way of life has developed and more elaborate societal structure that can cater to basic needs."

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