The Fourth Crusade in Medieval Europe Book Review by scribbler

The Fourth Crusade in Medieval Europe
Evaluates Geoffrey de Villehardouin's memoir about the Fourth Crusade in Medieval Europe.
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This paper explains that the Fourth Crusade aimed to wrest control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims and to break the schism among the various Christian groups who thought they are the true holder of the lineage of Christ; however, the events took several different turns. Based on Geoffrey de Villehardouin memoirs on the Fourth Crusade, the author describes how owing money to the Venetians for vessels to take the crusaders to Egypt led to their being involved in the pillaging of Constantinople thus worsening this schism. The paper concludes that Geoffrey de Villehardouin's account, as an extant document, is a good starting point to studying the intricacies of what happened before, during and after the Fourth Crusade and some of the events that have affected humankind even now.

From the Paper:

"The engagement at Zara was not the only diversion from the true thrust of the Fourth Crusade, what followed thereafter was the problem of Alexius, son of the deposed Isaac II of the Byzantine Empire. Alexius made pleadings to the Venetians and the Crusaders that should they help him deposed Alexius III, the emperor who stole the throne from his father, he promised them enough wealth to pay their debts plus his support to launch the Fourth Crusade in the Holy Land. Unfortunately, Constantinople became a tremendous battleground and as the fog of war was lifted and Alexius III fled, the covenant for the payment of the Crusaders was honored by Isaac and the Crusaders stayed in Constantinople for a while as guests of the reinstall monarch.
"There was a growing discord already between the Greeks, Franks and the Latin and the result of which was the sacking and looting of Constantinople especially the churches and the holy relics. It has often been said that the Fourth Crusade further worsen the schism amongst various Christian groups because when the Crusaders began their pillaging of Constantinople, the Greeks began their attacks on the Crusaders."

Sample of Sources Used:

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