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The Experiences of Asian-American Immigrants
An analysis of the experiences, as an Asian-American, of the character of Jing-Mei Woo in Amy Tan's novel "The Joy Luck Club".
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This paper discusses the complex character of Jing-Mei Woo in Amy Tan's novel "The Joy Luck Club". It describes her experiences as a second-generation Asian-American and how she is caught between the Asian world and the Western world. The paper argues that Jing-Mei's difficulties are common to many Asian-Americans and Asian-American immigrants.

From the Paper:

"Note that in both of these examples, there is no talk of assimilation. Rather, the goal is to retain an Asian identity, while at the same time adopting aspects of the American culture that are seen as desirable, and as congruent with an Asian identity. This seems to be a goal for many Asian-American immigrants. It certainly seems to be a goal that Suyuan sets for Jing-Mei. After all, she both reminds her that she will always be Chinese, while at the same time exhorting her to excel in the ways of the Americans. The latter is unrealistic, as she takes it to extremes. It is left to Jing-Mei to figure out what is possible for her in her new culture, and what is not. However, to do so she also has to get in touch with her Chinese roots - as she does by visiting her sisters."

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