Sexuality in The Lover versus Dark Spring Book Review by Nicky

A look at the use of sexuality in Marguerite Duras' novella "The Lover" versus "Dark Spring" by Unica Zurn.
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This paper compares and contrasts the metaphoric use of sexuality as seen in Marguerite Duras' novella "The Lover" versus "Dark Spring" by Unica Zurn. According to the paper, sexuality is seen as a form of self-expression, yet can either be a liberator or tormentor. The paper explores how the sexual experiences of the female protagonists in both sotries changed them. In "The Lover" it was described as a way of asserting independence, however, in "Dark Spring" sexuality had a devastating impact on the young woman.

From the Paper:

"Duras herself grew up in French Indochina during the 1930s, like her narrator. This immediately raises the question as to the degree that the book is autobiographical. Rather than explicitly call it a memoir, Duras allows for a certain amount of ambiguity as to its truthfulness Even if the 'bare bones' of the story are factual, Duras assumes a fiction writer's right to know what all of the character's in the tale are thinking: "The lover from Cholon is so accustomed to the adolescence of the white girl, he's lost. The pleasure he takes in her every evening has absorbed all his time, all his life. He scarcely speaks to her any more. Perhaps he thinks she won't understand any longer what he'd say about her, about the love he never knew before and of which he can't speak" (Duras 97). Duras skillfully assumes supreme power in the context of the story: she knows what her lover is thinking as well as herself. Although she may not have been able to marry her first love, her affair gives her confidence to write down her story, and to create a world in which she can take revenge upon her rejecting mother..."

Sample of Sources Used:

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