"Rich and Poor" - A Review Book Review by Nicky

Reviews Peter Singer's work on economic ethics, "Rich and Poor."
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Published on Jan 10, 2011 in International Relations (U.S.) , Economics (General) , Sociology (Poverty)

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This paper reviews and analyzes the arguments Peter Singer makes in his work "Rich and Poor," most notably the extent to which citizens of industrialized so-called First-World countries have a moral
obligation to assist citizens of so-called Third-World countries. First, the paper describes poverty in developing nations, showing how it differs from poverty in industrialized nations. The review then defines Singer's concepts of absolute poverty juxtaposed to absolute affluence. This includes a look at government assistance that exists in the West, but not in periphery nations. The paper also discusses Singer's viewpoint of encouraging governmental reform where institutional problems contribute to povery, in addition to providing education and redressing cultural limitations on the role
of women. Additionally, the paper cites Singer's crucial point is the importance of providing effective contraception to address the overpopulation issue that only worsens many of the problems of the absolute poor.


Further Consideration of the Issues

From the Paper:

"In the more developed countries, poverty means reliance on government assistance programs, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. In the West, even the poor generally receive enough assistance to eat the minimum necessary calories to avoid
malnutrition and sleep somewhere sheltered from the elements. Their poverty status is in relation to other in their society who are wealthy enough to own property and enjoy some
of the privileges of relative affluence. However, the type of poverty experienced by more than one billion human beings elsewhere on earth qualifies as absolute, by virtue of their lack of the most basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Singer proposes an analogous characterization of absolute affluence to describe the living conditions of the average person living in more developed societies. According to Singer, the living conditions of even the decidedly non-wealthy in the United States represents unimaginable wealth and luxury to the poor in Third-World nations."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Singer, Peter. "Rich and Poor."

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