Protagonists Feeling Out-of-Touch with the World Book Review

Looks at the ways that the young protagonist Annie in Jamaica Kincaid's 1985 novel "Annie John" and Nwoye, a young man in African author Chinua Achebe's 1958 novel "Things Fall Apart", feel out-of-touch with the world.
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Published on Feb 02, 2012 in Literature (World) , English (Analysis) , Child, Youth Issues (General)

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This paper explains that, in many novels, young characters have difficulties finding themselves as they are growing up, which often makes them feel lost from their cultural and social rules and out of touch with the world around them. Next, the author shows how the characters of Annie from Jamaica Kincaid's "Annie John" and Nwoye from Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" feel this way and argues that parental pressure has caused their feelings of totally rejecting their environment. The paper demonstrates these authors' use of different points of views, violent imagery and motifs to illustrate Annie and Nwoye's growing disconnections from the world to which they are meant to belong.

From the Paper:

"Furthermore, Kincaid depicts Annie's puzzlement and desire to be somewhere else through the use of dreams. First, at the end of Chapter Four, after deciding never to see the Red Girl again, Annie dreams of her: "I took her to an island where we lived together forever". It is essential to know that the Red Girl represents the world outside of the British colonial order; she doesn't bathe, doesn't wear shoes and climbs on trees like boys. It is a world that Annie wishes to live in, a different and attractive world. A world without any outside influence and where she could do whatever she wants. Her dream reveals her desire to leave Antigua and its structured life that her mother imposes. As a consequence she starts losing contact with the real world. Later on, in Chapter Six, Annie begins to daydream while talking with Gwen: "My most frequent daydream involved scenes of me living alone in Belgium". Again, it demonstrates her strong desire to leave the island, insisting on the fact that she wants to be left alone. A few lines ahead, she is brought back to reality: " mouth fell open and my whole self started to tremble"."

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