On Sex and Character Book Review

On Sex and Character
An in-depth philosophical analysis of two chapters in Otto Weininger's book "Sex and Character."
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This paper discusses Otto Weininger's analysis of the purpose and characteristics of Woman and Judaism in the chapters, "The Nature of Woman and Her Purpose in the Universe" and "Judaism" in his book, "Sex and Character." The writer explains that, although Weininger's words can be interpreted as anti-Semitic and misogynistic, the role of racist misogynist is not what Weininger intended to play; instead, the writer shows that he is an intellectual who is examining what he believes is the human nature of the sex (not gender) of Woman and the concept (not race) of Judaism. Weininger attempts to define his subjects in an objective way, not reduce their existence to a target for persecution. The paper concludes that, had Weininger lived to see Communism and the Holocaust, his views might have changed.

From the Paper:

"In his definition of Woman, Weininger proclaims a few more key points relating to this already formed concept of Woman as an erotic figure, a matchmaker, and--however Biblically--a creation of man. In this vein, women are easily influenced, passive, and enjoy following: because of their nature as sponges for Man, "they are glad if an opinion is created for them" (Weininger, 237). Because of this influence, Woman has no real personality, no soul, and no intelligible self at her core, with no objective contemplation resulting from her influences, just a random connection of received elements in the mind. Further resulting from this, Weininger deduces that Woman is inherently false, and "the hygenic punishment for Women's denial of her true nature is hysteria" (Weininger, 239)."

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