Literature: Women inside the Patriarchal Society Book Review by write123

Literature: Women inside the Patriarchal Society
Compares the depiction of the life of women inside the patriarchal society in Rebecca Harding Davis' 'Life in the Iron Mills" and William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily".
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This paper explains that the female protagonists in Rebecca Harding Davis' 'Life in the Iron Mills" and Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" are very different. However, the two women are markedly the prisoners of the patriarchal society that has caught them in its net. The author points out that both women focus all their energy on their male companions, being almost obsessively preoccupied with them. The paper describes both stories.

From the Paper:

""Life in the Iron Mills" is the somber story of the grey, empty life of a worker in the iron mills, Hugh Wolfe. In the midst of his brutish life, he has an artistic vision: he is able to model figurines out of the waste materials left at the mill. His aspirations are thwarted nevertheless, and he dies in utter misery. His fate obviously symbolizes the terrible destiny of the working-class people, who had no perspectives outside a barren, instinctual life. The secondary character of this story, Deborah, who is Hugh's cousin, is however an even more interesting figure which perfect the realistic picture drawn by Davis."

Sample of Sources Used:

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