Krugman's Political Views in "Conscience of Liberal" Book Review by Nicky

A review of Paul Krugman's book, "Conscience of Liberal".
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The paper looks at how Krugman in his book, "Conscience of Liberal," discusses the causes of America's growing income disparity and reaches the conclusion that the Democratic Party lowers income inequality and the Republican Party increases it. The paper considers Krugman's strength as a writer as well as the limitations of this work. The paper concludes that Krugman's work provides a fairly strong understanding of not only the policies of the current administration but their historical antecedents as well.

From the Paper:

"In the book's opening, Krugman outlines clearly the values that underlie the arguments he later constructs. He draws on the years of his youth, a time of low income disparity, as his ideal age. With income disparity low and unions strong, the middle class of the US rose to prominence during this era, which Krugman views as something of a golden age. His view of the years subsequent, in particular the past three decades, is less charitable, citing the alarming growth in income disparity as evidence. He examines the entire 20th century, and concludes that unlike the mid-20th century, recent decades have taken on a look and feel more like the early part of the century, representing a new gilded age.
"From this basic point of view, Krugman then expands on the political changes that have occurred. Krugman appears to abandon his economic training somewhat here, and takes more of an approach that shifts in income disparity among Americans have tended to be more policy-driven than market driven. This rationale is reasonable, given that domestic economic policy, or lack thereof, does to a large extent determine the amount of control over the economy that government can have."

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