Internal and External Factors in Michael Gonzalez's "The Mexican Revolution: 1910-1940" Book Review by Nicky

Review of Michael Gonzalez's book "The Mexican Revolution: 1910-1940."
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This paper reviews and analyzes Michael Gonzalez's book "The Mexican Revolution: 1910-1940," which takes an in-depth look at the causes of the Mexican Revolution. First, the review discusses the Mexican Revolution in the context of its times, citing that this epoch was actually one of peace. Then the paper cite's Michael Gonzalez thesis that the period of the Mexican Revolution was possible due to a combination of internal and external factors that were unique at that time in Latin America. These circumstances are further elaborated upon in the review. Additionally, the paper explores various events in light of the Mexican government and its leadership. The review concludes by discussing the inequalities in Mexico prior to the revolution that resulted in a deep resentment of the government.

From the Paper:

"The major issue Gonzalez cites as the cause of the revolution, if not the ensuing decades of chaos and upheaval, are the failures of the late Porifirato government (Gonzalez). These include the corruption and despotism that history has shown are almost guaranteed to exist after thirty years of military dictatorship. More important, however, was the changing landscape of various industries throughout Mexico. General Porifiro Diaz led the country through uneven though often large periods of growth, but at the expense of the common worker. He created wealth, but also increased the consolidation of this wealth in the hands of a few families, and undid many of the land reform acts that had allowed small farmers the right to claim ownership of the land they worked."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Gonzalez, Michael. The Mexican Revolution: 1910-1940. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2002.

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