'Iliad' and 'Works and Days' Book Review by writingsensation

'Iliad' and 'Works and Days'
This paper discusses Homer's 'Iliad' versus Hesiod's 'Works and Days'.
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In this article, the writer compares and contrasts the works 'Iliad' by Homer and 'Works and Days' by Hesiod. This consideration of the works shows that they are different. The writer notes that the differences are based on the 'Iliad' being written based on the ideologies of the higher classes of Athens, while 'Works and Days' was written based on the reality for the lower classes. The writer concludes that the works share several common characteristics, with these linked to the fact that the books were written around the same time and as part of the same culture. However, there are also significant differences in the works. The writer maintains that this is due to the fact that the two books represent the two very different social classes at the time.

From the Paper:

"Before considering the difference in the works, it is useful to first consider what qualities they share. The main similarities in the works are the obvious ones. This is that both are written by Greeks and so both reflect Ancient Greece culture. The second is that both were written around the same time, close to 700 BC. These two factors lead to the works sharing several aspects, even though they are about vastly different subjects. These similarities are to be expected and are based on the shared culture reflected in both works. One of the first features noted in the works is that they are both written in the style of epic poetry. Epic poetry was a style of literature that developed in Ancient Greece. The development of epic poetry was also closely linked to the Greek oral tradition. In fact, the Iliad is considered to have been written by Homer centuries after the Trojan War that is the subject of the work. In addition, Homer is thought to have created the work based on oral myths that had been passed down from generation to generation after the end of the Trojan War."

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