Iago's Role in the Tragedy of "Othello" Book Review by Peter Pen

Iago's Role in the Tragedy of "Othello"
An analysis of Iago's role in the tragedy of William Shakespeare's play, "Othello."
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Published on May 09, 2008 in Drama and Theater (English) , Shakespeare (Othello)

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This paper discusses jealousy as one of the central motives in William Shakespeare's play, "Othello." It discusses the jealousy between Iago and Cassio, the Moor and Cassio, as well as between Iago and the Moor. The paper shows how through Iago's deceitfulness, hatred and disloyalty, the tragedy of the play occurred. The paper suggests that if it had not been for Iago's unsympathetic sentiments and the jealousy, the play might have had a different ending.

From the Paper:

"Even though many blame the tragedy on Othello's gullibility, it is Iago's tricky and devious behavior that launched and triggered it. Since Othello profoundly trusted Iago, he hardly ever suspected any infidelity from him and that is proven throughout the whole script, in statements such as, "Honest Iago,/ My Desdemona must I leave to thee"(Act I, Scene III, 295). As a consequence, Iago took advantage of Othello's trust and kept revealing more of his forged love, which is proved in the play when Iago alleged that, " Though I do hate him as I do hell-pains,/Yet, for necessity of present life,/I must show out a flag and sign of love" (Act I, scene I, 154-156). It is the "flag and sign of love" which Iago revealed, that instigated Othello's gullibility, and if it wasn't for that advantage, Othello would've not fallen in Iago's trap. Unfortunately, the one closest to the heart is the greatest enemy; because it is him that knows the weakness of one's heart and mind. Iago was indeed very disloyal to his Moor, and deceitful by his behavior toward him."

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