"Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective" Book Review by Jay Writtings LLC

"Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective"
An examination of Caroline Brettell and Carolyn Sargent's views on the differences between the genders, as presented in their book, "Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective."
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This paper discusses and reviews the five sections of "Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective," written by Caroline Brettell and Carolyn Sargent. The paper specifically focuses on the topics presented in the novel of the demands made of women, imbalances between genders, the power that women hold in society, whether or not women have a voice in society and exactly how many men perceive themselves.

From the Paper:

"The final section of this text is the introductions that are included at the beginning of every section in order to give some background information on, as well as the context of, the issue that is being discussed. Since there are so many different issues regarding the anthropology of gender, the context of what is being discussed is very important so that the reader is able to articulate the ideas in an effective manner. Those who are not experienced in the subject might not yet have the skills to decipher exactly what the issue is and why is it so important, so these introductions are a very good way to get this point across. These introductions also include a reference list, which are present in order to give both the teacher and the student the opportunity to do further readings on the subject, which could open up a variety of essay questions and discussion topics. This is important because it does not limit the course material to what is present in the textbook, but expands it further, into areas that the student would otherwise not know about. One of the most effective learning techniques is to experience things from a variety of different points of view, and the inclusion of this reference list does this by providing these different points of view. There is always something to discuss and always something to question, and this textbook provides a number of different sources to look into when deciding what exactly should be discussed in class."

Sample of Sources Used:

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