Friedrich Nietzsche's "The Gay Science" Book Review by scribbler

Friedrich Nietzsche's "The Gay Science"
Looks at Friedrich Nietzsche's nihilist perspective on God in his "The Gay Science".
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Published on Jun 04, 2013 in Philosophy (Religion) , Literature (German) , Philosophy (History - 19th Century)

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This paper discusses the popular quotation, "God is dead! God remains dead!, from Friedrich Nietzsche's "The Gay Science", a book that propagates existential philosophy and its scion nihilism. Next, the author states that Nietzsche, who refers to the death of God several times throughout this text, is relating to the nihilist conception that there is nothing to believe in and no point to any existence whatsoever. The paper concludes that Nietzsche wrote that people must prepare themselves for the outcome of nihilism, the ultimate destruction of civilization, by shaping or stylizing their personalities, beliefs and physical characteristics to meet their own approval.

From the Paper:

"In terms of the human significance of this "death", which is merely an admittance of the nihilist viewpoint of extreme pessimism and the empty void which is known as life, Nietzsche's predictions about the fate of humanity, as outlined in other areas of the book, are not only accordingly bleak but also directly involved in mankind's fate. The author believed that nihilist cosmology would simply erode anything of value in terms of mores, religion, politics and everything else, until there would be nothing left for mankind to do but wage and ultimately destroy civilization in calculated warfare. This belief is held in accordance with the philosopher's concept of preparatory human beings--people who will prepare themselves and their cosmology according to this impending destruction--and actually carry it out. The following quotation readily indicates Nietzsche's stance on both of these fronts. "I welcome all the signs of a more virile, warlike age approaching...that will...wage wars for the sake of thoughts and their consequences. To this end we need many preparatory brave human beings who surely...spring from nothingness...." The warlike age referred to, of course, is the destruction which Nietzsche predicts will accompany nihilism's rampant destruction of values. The men and women who will carry it out are the "preparatory brave human beings" who are coming from the lack of true existence ("nothingness") to complete the philosopher's predicted destruction."

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