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'Exodus and Revolution'
This paper provides a book review of the work 'Exodus and Revolution' by Michael Walzer.
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In this article, the writer notes that in the book 'Exodus and Revolution' author Michael Walzer, is intent upon examining the ways the Biblical narrative of escape and rebellion has been used and reused throughout the ages to create meaningful narratives about the oppression and liberation of different groups of people. The writer discusses that Walzer devotes the majority of his book to understanding different interpretations of Exodus in a fairly balanced fashion, contrasting secular and social-democratic models of understanding the Exodus with messianic ones. The writer concludes that Walzer's book is interesting, inspiring in parts, but its audience is unclear and ultimately those readers seeking historical or political knowledge about how specific groups have used the Exodus narrative in the Middle East and elsewhere, or in-depth Biblical exegesis in general should look elsewhere--as may individuals seeking a real program and prescription for secular liberation in the modern world.

From the Paper:

"For example, one of the most fascinating examples of the plasticity of the Exodus tale provided by Walzer is how the New England Puritans took it as a potent justification to create their famed shining city on a hill, their New Jerusalem in the wilds of America. Although separated by a chasm of years and culture from the Israelites who penned the Exodus narrative, the Puritans saw what they viewed as Catholic and Anglican idolatry, or so-called worship of saints and ostentatious churches as idolatry, like the sin of the Golden calf. The English Puritans believed that as God purged idolaters from his ranks, so the High Church worshippers would be purged, and it was they, the elect, forced to wander for a homeland that were the true children of Israel."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Walzer, Michael. Exodus and Revolution. New York: Basic Books, 1985.

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