Ernest Seton's "Wild Animals I Have Known" Book Review by Peter Pen

Ernest Seton's "Wild Animals I Have Known"
Looks at the influence of Ernest Seton's "Wild Animals I Have Known", which created a new genre of animal biography.
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This paper explains that Ernest Seton's "Wild Animals I Have Known" made an important Canadian contribution to world literature. His book "Wild Animals I Have Known" was written in a naturalistic style, which borrowed literary devices and subject matter from Aesop's "Fables" and other beast tales. The author points out that his major innovation was presenting the points of view of the animals in their true nature by showing the characters of the animals as they tried to preserve themselves and their offspring. The paper relates the ways in which Seton influenced many writers of this immensely popular type of story.

From the Paper:

"Unlike the beast fables where the animals actually speak and act with human feelings and motives, it is here where Seton's works departed from traditional fables. Seton wanted to stay true to a naturalism style of writing and create animal characters that were realistic as opposed to strictly anthropomorphic. He used his close observation of the natural world to enter into the world of the animals and convey their emotions. Unlike the old fables Seton did not stray from realistic attributes; his animals do not talk."

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