Danny Santiago's "Famous all over Town" Book Review by scribbler

Discusses Danny Santiago's short story, "Famous all over Town", about Mexicans in California as a teaching tool.
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This paper reviews the short story "Famous all over Town" by Danny Santiago from the perspective of the writer and from the question, "Why would a teacher assign a novel, a work of fiction, in a history course? Isn't history a matter of fact?" The paper reviews the plot and background of the story, which presents the extremely difficult life in the barrio of a poor East Los Angeles neighborhood inhabited by Mexicans. The paper concludes that fiction, which deals with things, people and situations that never existed but were inspired by real circumstances, can be used by a history professor to give her students a better insight into that situation.

From the Paper:

"The conflict between the young generations and the parents is in a certain way the conflict between the pure Mexican culture and the "contaminated" one: "A brother guards his sister, that's how. In Mexico, even the lowest knows that, but up here you don't know nothing."
"Chato has a very strong desire to make it, he wants to be successful. Unfortunately he discovers that society through mechanisms which he has no power or control upon is more likely to prevent him from achieving his ideals. While some might suggest that the perspective of the author is dramatic and that he used the descriptions and the inner monologues of the character to impress the audience, the truth is that Santiago provides a very good depiction of reality.
"The scandal caused by the real identity of the author is known to everybody. This however does not change the quality of his contribution to literature. His declared identity might have been fictional, yet the things he wrote are real. Analyzing the role of fiction we could argue that it can be used for good purposes and with positive results. History is a science which is supposed to record factual data in order to provide humanity with a valid explanation regarding its evolution."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Santiago, D. Famous all over town. Plume. 1984

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