"Blueprint For Action" Book Review by Jay Writtings LLC

"Blueprint For Action"
A critical review of Thomas Barnett's book, "Blueprint For Action".
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The paper explains the thesis of Thomas Barnett's book, "Blueprint For Action" that in the 21st century, the world will become one economy and one world, with the United States military machine functioning as the world's police force, the UN acting as the world grand jury and globalization putting an end to war. The paper further explains how Barnett believes that the problem with the scenario for now is that while the American military is virtually undefeatable in battle, it is lacking in a exit strategy and no nation building apparatus in place once the territory is secured. The paper looks at the mainly positive reviews of the book but offers a personal, negative, opinion of the ideas in this work.

From the Paper:

"Thomas Barnett's book, Blueprint For Action is a sequel, coming on the heels of his The Pentagon's New Map. It addresses some questions that critics say were left unanswered. Barnett is a thinker and apparently a very good one, according to some, for they allow him to come to the Pentagon on a regular basis to give voice to the thoughts he has been thinking. Professor Barnett comes loaded with credentials and is the Senior Strategic Researcher at the United States Navel War College. He has been called the hottest military thinker in the world today. Whether or not that is so, he is at least getting his 15 minutes of fame. He has developed a theory of globalization which some say is genius and some say is science fiction at best."

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