Aztec Influence Over Pre-Colonial Mexico Book Review by Nicky

Aztec Influence Over Pre-Colonial Mexico
A book review of "The Aztecs" by Michael Smith.
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In this article, the writer discusses that in his book "The Aztecs" Michael Smith addresses the Aztec civilization from the standpoint of archaeological evidence rather than the standpoint of conquering Spaniards. The writer explains that this helps to not only show the issues that the Aztecs faced and how they lived their lives, but it sheds new light on some aspects that might not have otherwise been addressed very clearly or very thoroughly in past books on their civilization. The writer maintains that this scholarly book is very accessible to the average reader as well, and the numerous sources that Smith cites give a lot of credibility to his argument. The paper notes that the illustrations also provide insight into the Aztec people and what things were like in Mexico during the time that they were in existence, and the organization of the book into separate chapters based on various issues of civilization and history make Smith's book much easier to follow than it could have otherwise been. The writer concludes that the issues that Smith looks at have a lot of relevance for people who are interested in the history of Mexico and the Aztec people overall.

From the Paper:

"The Aztec people took their religion and the rest of what they believed in very seriously. They were one of the first groups of people to make up their own calendar, and they worshiped hundreds of gods and goddesses. They had separate gods and goddesses for the earth, the rain, the wind, fire, and almost everything else that could be thought of. The two most popular gods that were worshiped by the Aztecs were the god of rain, and the sun god. The rain god was worshiped because the Aztecs believed he helped them with a peaceful and quiet life. The sun god was worshiped because the Aztecs believed that if they did not worshiped him and sacrifice to him the sun would not rise. It was believed that the sun god stood for war, and those individuals who were sacrificed to the sun god were usually prisoners that the Aztecs had captured in one battle or another. Smith paints a strong picture in his book of how powerful and respected the Aztecs were, and the great deal of power and influence that they had over other people who were in Mexico at the time. The Aztecs were a force to be reckoned with during their reign."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Smith, Michael E. (2003). The Aztecs. Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, UK. Series: "The Peoples of America."

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