Anne Moody's Experiences in "Coming of Age in Mississippi" Book Review by scribbler

Anne Moody's Experiences in "Coming of Age in Mississippi"
A review of the book "Coming of Age in Mississippi" by Anne Moody.
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The paper examines "Coming of Age in Mississippi" by Anne Moody, and shows how Moody's experiences growing up in the South demonstrate the need for a Civil Rights Movement in American society. The paper looks at Moody's reaction to the incident of Emmett Till, a young black boy who "dared" to whistle at a white girl, and was murdered by the local townspeople. The paper highlights how Moody shows what it was like growing up in a bigoted society, and how desperately that society needed to change. The paper concludes with this author's personal response to the book.

From the Paper:

"Young people helped organize many of the protests and rallies that took place in Mississippi and other southern states. They challenged white lunch counters to serve them, went into white stores and tried to purchase items, and staged sit ins where they blocked businesses' sidewalks, or took over the lunch counters and had to be physically removed by the police. These actions brought national attention to the situation in the South, and helped gain national sympathy for what they were facing. Moody describes one of the sit ins in a store. She writes, "The white students, (in the store), started chanting all kinds of anti-Negro slogans... The rest of the seats except the three we were occupying had been roped off to prevent others from sitting down. A couple of the boys took one end of the rope and made it into a hangman's noose. Several attempts were made to put it around our necks" (Moody p. 265)
"Black women organized rallies, took it upon themselves to work in the movement, and helped promote social change. Anne joined the NAACP and took place in sit ins and rallies, but was rather naive about how they would be treated, such as the time she entered the white bus system without any back up, and had to be rescued by a black minister. She also became very disillusioned after they were viciously attacked at the lunch counter, and police did nothing."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Moody, Anne. Coming of Age in Mississippi. New York: Dell Publishing, 1968.

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