AIDS and Ebola as Biological Weapons Book Review by Master Researcher

AIDS and Ebola as Biological Weapons
A review of the book, "Emerging Viruses - AIDS & Ebola" by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.
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Published on Sep 22, 2003 in Hot Topics (Terror and 9/11) , Biology (General)

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This paper reviews Dr. Leonard Horowitz's book, "Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola" that considers the origins of Ebola and the AIDS virus. The paper discusses and critiques its hypothesis that AIDS and Ebola were man-made viruses deployed as biological weapons. The paper concludes that overall, Horowitz's text is an interesting one - it certainly is a through treatment of a subject not often explored and written about. The paper asserts, however, that if the book were more of a balanced scholarly analysis and less an attempt to shock or titillate readers with descriptions of secret agencies and CIA operatives, then the text would be both successful and engaging.

From the Paper:

"Horowitz examines the notion that AIDS was used as a weapon of genocide, used purposely against a continent where the alleged threat of communism, rising Third World population rates and radical nationalism worried western observers, including the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) sent to monitor the situation. Apparently, the weapons and virus research may have stemmed from the anxiety of rumors that the Soviet Union was manufacturing a similar type of biological weapon.
"To support his claim, Horowitz looks at notable political figures such as Henry Kissinger, who as an intelligence officer for the United States recruited well-educated Nazi supporters in 1948 to take key positions in the United States aerospace program, science and medicine areas, and in the military. Turning down several prestigious positions Kissinger became Nixon's key advisor as well as director of the NSC (The national Security Council). In this position, he earmarked ten million dollars for research into viruses and diseases attacking the immune system. His research grant came at the time when the United States was looking for possibility other than a nuclear arsenal to support its military might. Kissinger also ordered CIA operatives into regions of Africa on secret assignments. Horowoitz connects the deployment of operatives to the research grant as part of the same overarching mission. A decade later, those very areas of Africa as well as areas of the United States had cases of AIDS and Ebola appear. Similarly, Dr. Gallo, who claimed to have discovered the AIDS virus is linked to the CIA in Horowitz's text."

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